Welcome to Austin-Healeys.com History Page

This is the 4th location of my website.

Over the years, the site began as a general interest webpage covering many topics, and has been refined to become the home of my car hobby.

Here are the address of the first three sites…

One is still active, but points to this one

– http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Shores/1256
(Started by May 1997 – left due to space restrictions)

– http://members.xoom.com/spridget
(Began in early 1998 until xoom was bought by NBCi and closed the account)

– http://carport.virtualave.net/
(left due to excessive pop-up’s by host)

First posting to the team.net mailing lists
– http://www.team.net/cgi-bin/wilma_hiliter/mgs/199705/msg01103.html

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