Austin Healey Sprite – M. G. Midget SU CARBURETOR DETAILS

Austin Healey Sprite – M. G. Midget


Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated.

(information from SPRITE, MIDGET, 1958-71 AUTOBOOK, by Kenneth Ball, Autopress Ltd. 1971)

Type (Sprite I) SU H.1 (two)
Needle (normal) GG
Type (Sprite II and Midget I, 948 cc) SU H.S.2 (two)
Needle (Standard) V3
Needle (Rich) V2
Needle (Weak) GX
Spring Light Blue
Type (1098 cc Sprite II and Midget I) SU H.S.2 (two)
Needle (Standard) GY
Needle (Rich) GG
Needle (Weak) M
Spring Blue
Type (1098 cc Sprite III, Midget II, 1275 cc Sprite IV, Midget III SU H.S.2 (two)
Needle (Standard) AN
Needle (Rich) H6
Needle (Weak) GG
Spring blue
Spring (Sprite IV and Midget III) Light Blue
Fuel pump (all models except Sprite III and IV and Midget II and III) AC ‘Y’ type (mechanical)
Sprite III and IV, Midget II and III SU type A.U.F. (Electric)
Type (1275 cc Sprite IV, Midget III) Exhaust emission control SU H.S.2 (two)
Specification: Exhaust emission control:  
  Fixed needle type AUD 266
  Spring-loaded type AUD 328
Needle, fixed type, exhaust emission control AN
  Spring-loadaed type, exhaust emission control AAC
Piston spring, exhaust emission control Blue
Initial jet adjustment, exhausted emission control 11 flats from bridge
Idling speed, exhaust emission 1000 rev/min
Fast-idle speed, exhaust emission 1100 to 1200 rev/min

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