Big Healey Electrical Components


Tech Data for 100/6 & 3000, Mk 1 – 2- 3

(information from AUSTIN-HEALEY: OWNERS WORKSHOP MANUAL, by Kenneth Ball, Autopress Ltd. 1973)

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated

“A” refers to the 2639 cc engine with 2 port head
“B” refers to the 2912 cc engine 
“C” refers to the 2639 cc engine with 6 port head

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Electrical equipment:    
     A Type (home standard) GTW.9A
  Dry charged export  GTZ.9A
     B Series BN7 standard  SLG.11 E(two)
  Dry charged export SLGZ.11 E (two)
  Series BT7, BJ7, BJ8 standard BT.9A
  Dry charged export BTZ.9A
     A and B Capacity 58 amp/hr
     A and B Voltage 12 positive earth
     A and B Electrolyte per cell 1 pint (.57 litre)
     A and B Initial charge 3.5 amp
     A and B Normal recharge 5 amp
     A and B Master Switch Lucas ST.330
     A and B Type Lucas C.45 Pv-5
  Mks I and II Lucas C.45 PV-6
  MkIII  Lucas C.42
     A and B Cutting in speed 1100 to 1250 rev/min
                  MkIII 1250 rev/min
     A   Maximum Output 22 amps, 13.5 volts (1700 to 1900 rev/min)
     B   25 amps, 13.5 volts (1700 to 1900 rev/min)
     MkIII   30 amps, 13.5 volts (1250 rev/min)
     A and B  Field resistance 6 ohms
     MkIII   4.5 ohms
Starting motor;    
     A and B   Lucas M.418.G
     A and B Lock Torque 17 lb ft (1.2858 kg m)
                 at 440 to 460 amps and 7.0 to 7.4 v
     A and B Lock current draw 430 to 450 amps at 7.0 to 7.4 volts
     A and B Light running current 45 amps at 7400 to 8500 rev/min
     A and B Solenoid switch Lucas ST.950
     A and B Brush length (minimum) .3125 (7.94 mm)
  Spring tension (max.) 30 to 40 ozs (850 to 1133 gm)
     A and B Control switch Lucas 2TS
     A  Transmission solenoid Lucas TGS.1
     B   Lucas 11.S
     A and B  Relay Lucas SB.40/1
     A  Interrupter switch Lucas 5510/1
     B   Lucas SS.10
     A and B  Rotary throttle switch Lucas RTS.1
Control box:    
     A and B Mks I and II Lucas RB.106/2
  Mk III Lucas RB.340
     A and B Cut in voltage 12.7 to 13.3v
  Drop off voltage 8.5 to 11 v
  Mk III 9.5 to 11 v
     A and B Reverse current 3.5 to 5 amps
  Mark III 3.0 to 5 amps
     A and B Regulator setting @ 68F (20C) 16.0 to 16.6 v at 3000 rev/min
     A and B  For temperatures above add .1 v for 10C
   For temperatures below subtract .1 v for 10C
     MkIII 10C (50F) 14.9 to 15.5v
  20C (68F) 14.7 to 15.5v
  30C (86F) 14.5 to 15.1v
  40C (104F)  14.3 to 14.9v
     MkIII Current regulator  30 ?1 amp
Windscreen wiper:    
     A and B Mks I and II Lucas DR.2
               Mks II and III from #60792  Lucas DR.3.A
     A and B Normal running current 2.3 to 3.1 amp
     A and B                Stall Current (hot) 8 amp
  (cold) 14 amp
     A and B Armature resistance .34 to .41 ohm
     A Field Resistance 12.8 to 14 ohm
     B   8.0 to 9.5 ohm
  High output (red mark) 8.0 to 11.5 ohm
  Mk III running current 2.7 to 3.4 amp
  Mk III wheelbox drive Rack and cabie
  Mk III armature float .008 to .012 (.20 to .30 mm)
  Mk III wiping speed  45 to 50 cycles per min
     A and B   Lucas SF.6
     A and B  A1 to A2 50 amp
                A3 to A4 35 amp
     A and B   Lucas 594
     A and B   Lucas F.70.0
Stop/tail lamps   Lucas 594
Number plate lamp   Lucas 467/2
Flashing indicator unit   Lucas FL.5

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